Attack the cities of other players.

Attack units can be organized with airship boats.

  • Attack gauge is necessary to attack
  • Attack gauge recovered one every 30 minutes
  • You can save up to 5 attack gauges in MAX

Several opponents to fight are displayed, so choose an opponent from this.

  • There are a maximum of 5 candidates
  • People with the closest rankings are displayed
  • The opponent is re-searched every three minutes
  • It is also possible to search again immediately using a gem
  • If there is no opponent, NP (non-player) may come out

At the bottom right of the opponent candidate are pledgable resources and trophies. However, it does not exceed the maximum looting amount of the airship boat.

When you tap the opponent and display it in detail, the equipment being updated and the unit under training are displayed.

When attack units displayed at the bottom of the screen are swiped and placed on the map, they automatically start attacking. An attack unit can not be placed within the defense area of the opponent.

The number of sorts of attacks is determined for each attack unit, and even if HP becomes 0, it can re-sort after a certain period of time. The number of sorties depends on the cost of the unit and the consumption cost of the weapon equipped.

  • “Cost of unit 12”, “Weapons consumption cost 4”> 3 times sortie
  • “Unit cost 12” “weapons consumption cost 5”> two sorties

Switching out sortie units

When player level 4 or higher, three sorting units can be made. After confirming the facility arrangement of the defense opponent and the defense unit, you can select 1 to 3 patterns.

Switching becomes impossible at the time when even one attack unit is placed.

When the battle is over, the result is displayed.

The victory on the attack side is over 50% destruction rate.

One crown with a breakdown rate of 50% or more, 75% or more with two crowns, 100% lighting three crowns. You can check the increase and decrease of plunned resources and trophies.

  • While attacking the shield, the defense time of the shield will be reduced by 15 minutes if you attack.
  • Even when the shielding time becomes 0, a shield of 5 minutes is established after the battle is over.
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