When your city is attacked by other players, it becomes a defense battle.

  • Since defense is auto, no operation is required
  • It is attacked regardless of whether it is in play or offline
  • Messages under attack are displayed at the top of the screen during in play
  • It is possible to see the game situation in real time during in play
  • During the defense it is impossible to upgrade new equipment.
  • Traps and weapons during the upgrade will not work.
  • A defense unit with two or more sorties singles out from the castle after the second time if it is done once.
  • Victory with defense ratio of 50% or more.
  • Even if you succeed in defense, destroyed resources are looted
  • If you succeed in defense, you can rob a trophy from your opponent.
  • If you receive an attack while offline, a list of battle results is displayed at the start of next play.
  • You can also check the battle history from the main screen.
  • Battle history allows you to confirm defense win and loss, increase or decrease in gold misuril trophies.
  • It is possible to see how it was attacked by replay
  • Shield will be set for a certain time regardless of win or loss when attacked
  • It will not be attacked while the shield is stretched.
  • The occurrence time of the shield depends on the level of Marys house.
  • Shield time decreases as you launch an attack.
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