Battle rules

A description of the rules of the craft warriors' battle.

Battle only with battle with other players. Basically there is no COM fight. Only Multiplayer in the crash of clan.

Battle is two types of attack and defense. In the attack, it attacks the city of other players, and defense attacks other players who attacked their city.

Instead of battle in real time with other players, it is only the attacker's operation. The defense side is auto and can not operate, but you can check the status of the game with real time or replay.

The victory or defeat is determined by the rate of destruction rate at the end of the battle.

If the destruction rate is 50% or more, the victory on the attacking side will be victory, if it is less than 50% it will be the victory of the defense side.

For example, even if the attacking unit wiped down, if the attacking unit is defeated by 50% or more, the attacking side will win.

Exit conditions

The battle ends with one of the following.

  • Attack unit is annihilated
  • Destruction rate 100% (destruction of all facilities)
  • Time over (180 seconds elapsed)

Crown in battle

With 50% destruction rate, one crown, 75% destruction rate, 2 crowns, 100% destruction rate and 3 crowns.

When destroying the equipment and exceeding each percentage, the crown is displayed.

Attacking the city, you can plunder resources from rival players. Regardless of the victory or defeat of the battle, you can get resources destroyed.

You can take the following from your opponent.

  • gold
  • Mythril
  • Elixir
  • Trophy

Amount of looting of resources

Destroy the equipment of Gold / Mithril / Elixir and attackers can loot them.

The amount obtained is as follows.

Storage amount - (storage amount × protection rate)

However, it can not get more than the maximum amount of looting of the airship boat.

Trophy increase / decrease

Troy fee 's looting amount increases and decreases depending on the destruction rate.

In the case of the attacking side, the trophy is 100% at the destruction rate 100% against the amount presented, about 50% of the trophy at the destruction rate of 75% or more, about 50% of the trophy and about 30% of the troubles at the destruction rate 50%. When the destruction rate becomes less than 50%, the trophy is deprived conversely.

The amount of trophy movement depends on the rank difference with the battle opponent. The higher the rank is, the more trophies can be plunged when winning the battle, and less trophies lost when defeated by the battle. Conversely, the lower the ranking of the opponent, the fewer trophies can be looted, even if they win the battle, and the more trophies are lost when they are defeated by the battle.

Destruction affects the destruction rate

  • Castle
  • Gold mine
  • Gold strage
  • Mithril pump
  • Mythril tank
  • Elixir Extractor
  • Elixir Storage
  • Gem mine
  • Blacksmith workshop
  • Builders hut
  • Trainer's house
  • Mary's house
  • Military weapons

The influence on the destruction rate varies depending on the importance of equipment. Also, as the number of facilities increases, the degree of influence on the destruction rate decreases.

Equipment not affecting the destruction rate even if it breaks down

  • Defense unit
  • Wall
  • Defence Tower
  • Torch
  • Trap
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