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The function of the unit has been abolished

Explanation on units that attack and defend

In Craft Warriors, units are given weapons, attacking and defending.

Units and weapons each have a level, you can strengthen your HP attack power by raising the level.

Elixir and trainer are necessary for unit level up. Mithril and smithmakers are necessary for weapon level up.

The base strength is the specification of weapons, and the strength is raised by the unit level.

For example, HP of light shield Lv1 is 300, but when the level of equipped unit is 3, HP is added 5%.

Unit Lv1 Unit Lv3
(HP +5%)
Unit Lv5
(HP +10%)
Light Shield Lv1 300 315 330
Light Shield Lv2 330 346 363
Light Shield Lv3 360 378 396

In the craft warriors attack units and defense units are separate. Even raising the level of the attack unit or changing the equipment does not affect the defense unit.

The possession cost of a defense unit is only about half that of attack units.

The number of attack units can be increased by raising the level of the airship boat. The number of defense units can be increased by raising the castle level.

Each unit has a numerical value of cost, and if weapons are equipped, it costs the cost. Consumption costs vary with weapons.

Depending on the consumption cost of the weapon and the possession cost of the unit, the number of sorties is determined. For example, if the holding cost of a unit is 10 and the consumption cost of a weapon is 5, that unit can sort twice per battle.

As the unit level rises, retention costs may rise. Even if the level of weapons goes up, the cost of consumption will never change.

We can not equip weapons of higher consumption cost than the possession cost of the unit.

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