Upgrade equipment and units

We will restore and upgrade facilities and develop cities.

Upgrade an equipment and increase its level. As the level rises, durability increases, productivity improves.

The following items are required for an upgrade.

  • Gold
  • Builder

Also, it takes a certain amount of time to upgrade, while builders can not do other work. In order to upgrade more than one facility at once, it is necessary to increase the number of carpenters.

Double tap the equipment you want to raise the level and upgrade it.

By upgrading an equipment you will gain experience value to raise player level.

Collectively upgrade

You can upgrade equipments of the same category such as walls and traps at once. Because one carpenter can do multiple upgrades it will save you time and effort.

1. Tap the icon next to the upgrade button.

2. Select multiple facilities you want to upgrade.

3. The total value of the work hours, and the total value of the consumed gold are displayed.

With multiple upgrades, not every single one completes in order, but all upgrades are completed at the same time as the total work time is reached. The time to upgrade one by one decreases, but the upgrade time per one will be longer than a single upgrade.

Repair of equipment

Due to the setting of the craft warriors' story, a city that has been destroyed, facilities that are broken are scattered on the map. By restoring these, it will become the first facility to function. Also, you can not move before repairing.

As for upgrading, gold and carpentry are required for repair.

The broken equipment that is falling asleep on the field will become repairable by the player level.

Number of carpenters

Equipment upgrades can proceed simultaneously by the number of carpenters.

By increasing the carpenters you will be able to upgrade more buildings at the same time, so you can speed up the growth of the city. The number of carpenters can be increased by raising the carpenter 's level.

Edit the defense corps to protect the city.

Training of defense unit

We will train the defense unit.

To upgrade the unit you need:

  • Elixir
  • A trainer
  • Player level 6 or higher

By double tapping the defense unit as well as equipment, the upgrade button will be displayed.

Increasing the level of the defense unit does not change the level of the attack unit.

Change weapons

Change the weapon equipped with the defense unit.

Depending on the cost of the unit and the consumption cost of the weapon, there are items that can not be equipped, and the number of sorties changes.

Upgrading facilities and training units requires time.

If you are impatient, you can use gems to speed up the upgrading process.

The amount of gems spent depends on the time remaining for the unit to upgrade

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