Placement of equipment / defense unit

In preparation for attack from other players, we will arrange facilities / defense units.

You can switch from normal mode to facility placement mode by tapping the left hand icon from the main screen.

When placement is completed tap the check button to return to the normal screen. If there is an error in placement, you can not return unless you correct the error location.

Tap the target object once to enter the selection state. You can change the placement by swiping the object that is in the selected state.

You can also change the direction by tapping again on the selected object. Let's change the direction of the walls and gimmicks as necessary.

Collective selection

After long tapping on the field, you can swipe and select facilities and units at once. It is possible to move bulk selected equipment collectively.

It is convenient when you want to shift only the place with the current arrangement.

put away

You can temporarily store facilities and units placed on the field. When it is hard to arrange facilities and it is scattered on the field, the screen is refreshed by temporarily storing it.

It is also possible to put together in batch selection.

You can also leave unused walls etc. stored. Equipment affecting the destruction rate such as the castle and the safe can not stay stored. It can not be saved unless it is placed in the field.

Multiple switching of Defense Placement

When you reach player level 5 you will be able to create three patterns of defense arrangement. Patterns that want to protect resources, patterns that want to suppress the destruction rate, etc. can be easily switched according to the situation.

The arrangement pattern applied at defense is the pattern that was being edited just before returning to the main screen. When you are editing pattern 2 at the end and you return to the main screen, you are in the pattern 2 arrangement when defending.

There are some rules on placement such as objects can not overlap, buildings can not be adjacent, etc. The placeable area is displayed in color when object swiping.

When placed in a location that is contrary to the rule, the object is framed in red.

Placement can not be saved if there is an object with rule violation on the field.

We will arrange units to protect the city.

Units can be arranged in the same way as facilities, but they can also be placed on the walls or on the foundation. If equipped with long range weapons such as Hunter Bow and Grenade, there are merits such as being able to attack from the top of the base.

The number of defense units will rise as the castle level rises.

When the equipment is placed, a white area appears around the equipment. Attackers can not place units in this white area.

By placing the white area so that it fills with no gaps, you can only get attacks from the outside. Conversely, if there is a gap inside even if it is surrounded by a wall, there is also a case where an attack unit is placed there and attacks are received from the inside.

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