Collect resources

At Craft Warriors there are several resources necessary to upgrade the city.

There are the following four types of resources.


It is used for repairing and upgrading equipment. It is produced at Gold mine.


It is used for restoring and upgrading weapons. It is produced with Mythril pump.


It is used for unit training. It is produced by Elixir Extractor.


It is used to make the game more efficient. It is produced at Gem Mine.

Resources are generated at each facility. Automatically mined over time and icons will be displayed on the building as it becomes collectable. By tapping that icon you can retrieve that resource. The amount of mined and saved will vary depending on the level of the building.

Mining volume

It is the amount to be mined per hour. It increases as the level rises.

Maximum savings amount

It is the maximum amount that can be saved when not collecting resources. The mined resources do not increase indefinitely but only increase to the maximum savings amount.

In order to efficiently increase the resources, it is to collect it before it accumulates to the maximum value.

Protection rate

When the rival attacks and the mining site is destroyed, it is the amount that the resource is protected. When it is destroyed by a battle, it is robbed of the saving resources. At this time, not all is deprived but resources are left according to the protection rate.

For example, suppose that a smelter with a protection ratio of 60% is attacked and destroyed with 200 uncollected Mithril. In this case, 120 of 60% of 200 will be protected and the remaining 80 will be deprived.

The gem will not be plundered.

The collected resources can not be increased indefinitely. The maximum amount is managed in each building.

Gold storage

Save the collected gold. The storage amount depends on the maximum saving amount. The maximum savings can be increased as the level of gold storage rises.

If the gold storage is destroyed by the battle, gold is deducted, minus protection rate.

Mythril tank

Save the collected mythril. The storage amount depends on the maximum saving amount. The maximum savings can be increased if the Mithril tank level rises.

If the Mithril tank is destroyed by the battle, Mithril is taken deprived of the protection rate.

Elixir tank

Save the recovered Elixir. The storage amount depends on the maximum saving amount. The maximum savings will increase as the level of the Elixir tank rises.

If the Elixir tank is destroyed by the battle, Erichser who is deducting the protection rate is deprived.

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