Player Level

The level is set for the player, you can raise the level by increasing the experience value.

Increasing player level will allow you to release equipment, release weapons, upgrade further, and lead to strengthening the city.

Experience value is obtained by equipment upgrade, weapon upgrade, unit training. Experience value can not be obtained in battle.

As the upgrade of resource equipment such as gold smelter and mythril pump is more experienced, it is easier to upgrade the level positively by upgrading these resources.

There are weapons and military weapons freed by the player level, so the difference in level tends to lead to the difference in fighting power. I would like to raise player level efficiently.

Of course, you can raise the level by carpenter and increasing the number of smithmakers as soon as possible.

LV built trap weapon etc
1 Castle
Gold mine
Gold strage
Mithril pump
Mithril tank
2 Gold mine
Defence Tower
3 Mithril pump
Gem mine
Defence Tower
Ballista Long spear
Light shield
4 Defence Tower Catapult
Spring trap×2
Hidden wall trap×2
Sharp claw
Switch Attack Unit
5 Defence Tower
Red torch×2
Mine trap×2
Time bomb
Hand cannon
Switch Defince Layout
6 Elixir extractor
elixir tank
Gold mine
trainer house 
Blue torch×2
Spike trap×2
Hidden wall trap×2
Fire arrow 
Knight shield
7 Farmers house
Defence Tower
Wind cannon
Great hummer
Assassin Claw
8 Wall×5
Defence Tower
Lightning Tower
Electric Mine
Poison Mist Trap
Double Shoulder Cannon
Berserker Sword
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