Attack Unit Edit

Edit units that sortie when battle attacks.

Change the weapon the unit uses for attack. HP · Attack power · Number of sneaks will change depending on weapons.

We can not equip weapons more than the cost of the unit.

Even if we change weapons here, weapons of the defense unit will not change.

You can edit the appearance of the unit.

We will change the character that will become the leader.

The leader will appear on the profile screen and the screen of the battle result.

It does not affect specs such as HP and attack power.

Train the attack unit and raise the level.

Trainers and elixir are necessary to train units.

In order to train, the following conditions must be satisfied.

  • Player Level 6 or higher
  • Elixir extractor repaired
  • Elixir tank repaired
  • Trainer's house repaired

As the unit level rises the next status improves.

  • HP
  • Attack power
  • Cost

Since the attack unit and the defense unit are separate, even if the attack unit is raised in training level, the level of the defense unit does not change.

Attack during training

Units under training can also sortie. However, there are the following restrictions.

  • Unable to act for a certain period of time
  • Halving of HP
  • Halve attack power
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